Route planning and navigation tools for outdoor adventures on foot or on two wheels

Works with Garmin Connect

GPS Location

Global and national mapping

Integrated Xplorer GPS mobile app

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It’s Easy To Navigate With Xpedition2


  • Ordnance Survey Maps included
  • Choose other maps for your adventure, including a wide range of countries
  • Exclusive Adventure topographic maps for a clear,consistent worldwide view with a focus on features needed for outdoor activities
  • A host of national map providers for your home country or trips across the globe.


  • Plan routes anywhere in the world wherever you’re online
  • Large scale topographical maps in multiple formats to explore the area and make precise route choices
  • Snap to track, bike or road according to your needs
  • Plan a multi-stage expedition and view all stages on the map together
  • Import a route, tailor it to your needs
  • Share your route with friends or to any compatible device.


  • Xplorer mobile app synchs automatically with your Xpedition2 routes
  • Download your route and map, ready to navigate offline
  • Edit and create routes in app, even without mobile signal
  • Follow a planned route or navigate spontaneously on the map
  • Synch your activities with your Xpedition2 account
  • Option to purchase an additional map for a special destination.


  • Split screen to see the bigger picture alongside the finer details, OS alongside Aerial, whatever works for you
  • Share to Garmin Connect with a single click
  • View distance, ascent, decent and elevation data
  • Add Points of Interest to highlight landmarks, meeting points, escape routes and more
  • Combine, split or reverse routes.
  • Print your route on the map to share as a pdf or hard copy back up
  • Organise routes by expedition, region, activity etc.

Where Will You Xpedition2?

Xpedition2 has advanced route planning features and topographic maps to give you the information you need to plan precisely the route you want to explore, with ease. Perfect for hiking, MTB, road cycling and even trail riding. Take the Xplorer app along to navigate offline in the great outdoors. Adventures round the corner, or round the world – let Xpedition2 and Xplorer take you there.

Go Further With Xpedition2

Don’t forget you can now share an Xpedition2 route with your Garmin Connect account with a single click

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